Commercial lighting

Whether in an office or retail establishment, lighting plays a crucial role in productivity and safety. A well-lit working environment keeps the mind engaged, safeguarding and reducing the likelihood of accidents.

LED tube lights are the ideal replacements for old technology fluorescent tubes. Unlike fluorescents, LED tube lights turn on instantly and do not flicker or create noise. Many people appreciate the quality of the LED lighting and report less eye strain. LED tube lights last significantly longer than fluorescents and as well as saving power, reduce the labour costs and inconvenience of frequent tube replacements. For ease of installation, Greentop LED tube lights retrofit into existing fluorescent fixtures.

LED Spot Lights are perfect for retail settings, drawing attention to merchandise. Greentop spot lights come in a variety of sizes, shapes and install directly into existing ceiling fittings or tracks. Using substantially less power than halogen spots, cool-running LEDs also have a much longer lifespan.

LED Down Lights are designed for outdoor applications such as streets & car parking lots. Featuring an advanced LED optical system, Greentop Down Lights deliver uniform lighting and minimize glare. Using less than 50% of the energy required by traditional lighting systems, Greentop LED Down Lights can operate 12 hours per day for more than 11 years, offering significantly reduced maintenance requirements.

LED Flood Lights offer a versatile solution to many applications, including architectural wall washing and facade lighting, sports court area lighting and billboard lighting. With a number of optimized designs available, there is a solution to fit virtually any flood application. Greentop’s sleek modern design directs light evenly and with a service life of more than 11 years of service life delivers significantly reduced maintenance expenses.

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