Specialization & Providing solutions
Greentop Lighting has a comprehensive range of LED lighting products and solutions available for Commercial and Residential purposes. We offer full compliance to our customers from our LED lamp tube series, LED light bulb series to Indoor and Outdoor Decorative lighting products such as our LED light strip series and our powerful high brightness LED Wall Washer series. Greentop Lighting provides on time delivery, competitive pricing, design, technical solutions and support. Our manufacturing partners are established in China, Asia. We work collaboratively with both our manufacturers and customers to provide the best solutions in terms of cost effectiveness and efficiency.

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Manufacturing capabilities & Technical support
Greentop Lighting has partners in Asia that provide full production services and technical support from LED Chips components to finished LED lighting products in house. Our manufacturing partnership provides flexibility, strong design and engineering support, production control, quality, testing and inspection services.


ISO 9001: 2000 Certified.
We design and manufacture Quality LED lighting products, specialize in One stop solution from design to finial assembly, in house test facilities and in house inspection.

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