Industrial lighting

We work closely with our customers to identify and provide a variety of industrial lighting solutions. At the current time, our company focuses on products for traffic sign illumination as well as general illumination. In the case of traffic lighting, not only does the product have to last, it has to do the job efficiently and effectively. As safety is the prime consideration, factors such as luminous flux are carefully considered to ensure that the signs are highly visible at all times. Keeping these factors and safety issues in mind, Greentop is intent on developing solutions that also take into consideration the reduction of waste and environmental impacts. While the planning process may not always be straightforward, it is our mission to be there every step of the way.

LED Street Name Signs feature the latest advances in LED technology to ensure visibility and legibility in all weather conditions. Designed and manufactured in Canada for Canadian conditions, our LED street name signs are renowned for their build quality and light output.

LED Overhead Pedestrian Crosswalk Signs gives drivers ample warning of an approaching crosswalk. Internally-illuminated, our double-sided LED-illuminated pedestrian graphic draws drivers attention to the presence of pedestrians and gives them time to stop safely. LED down-lighting further enhances safety by illuminating the road itself at night. Designed and manufactured in Canada for Canadian conditions, our overhead crosswalk signs are rugged and long lasting.

LED Down Light are designed to provides the same amount of luminosity as traditional fixtures, while using far less energy. Typically deployed in parks, streets and parking lots, our down lights improve traffic and pedestrian safety while also acting as a deterrent to criminal behaviour.

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