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Whether it’s purposive lighting, safety reasons or to provide ambiance, Greentop Lighting offers a range of Underwater Lighting products giving you a range of options.


All the LED underwater products have a 60 degree beam angle. They come in a range color temperatures and dimensions to suit varying needs. Depending on the product, the wattage varies from 6Watts to 12Watts. The different designs allow the product to be mounted, protruding from the surface or set inside the surface, concealed from view.




  • Along the side of boats
  • On the Deck
  • Inside the surface of pools

Product Information:

Model Name GT-AL-4W06
LED 9*1W Edison Chip
Beam Angle 60 Degrees
Volts 12 V DC
Watts 9 watt
Dimension Φ156*150 mm/Φ6.14*5.91 inch
Color temp. RGB/WW/CW/B/G/R/Amber
CRI > 80
Certification CE, ROHS
Life Span 40,000 hrs.
Water proof IP 68
Power Supply cUL/UL Listed Power Supply
Warranty 2-Year Warranty
9Wb LED underwater lighting LED underwater lighting LED underwater lighting