LED Grow light


CCFL Grow Light

CCFL Cold Cathode Grow Light   CCFL Cold Cathode lamp grow lights help your plants maintain healthy growth and gives shorter grow life cycle. They are a great alternative from traditional grow lighting. CCFL grow lights are efficient and effective, meaning they use less energy and last longer (40,000 hrs life span). They emit very little heat so they will not burn. They are perfect for starting indoor growing environments and easily fit in standard household lamp fixture. The advantage of using […]

LED Grow Light

Greentop LED grow lights provide a balanced distribution spectrum of light promoting healthy plant growth. Our variety of LED grow lights provide plants with specific needs suitable for its various stages of growth. In addition to accelerated, vigorous plant growth, LED grow lights reduce energy costs by as much as 80% compared to HPS, Metal Halide and Fluorescent grow lights. Not only are they great for growing plants but easy to save energy cost too.  Greentop LED grow lights aid in exuberant […]