LED Retrofit

LED Wall Pack 18W
Project 8

Retrofit – High Wattage LED Bulbs and Panels

Historically, street lights and other forms of outdoor lighting have utilized a range of different bulb types, including High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH). These types of lights consume a lot of energy and need frequent replacement. In addition, their light output and quality is often inadequate compared to modern LED lighting.

Recognizing the value of the outdoor lighting infrastructure that is already installed, Greentop Lighting has developed a line of LED bulbs and LED panels to retrofit luminaires up to 400W. Featuring Mogul (E39) bases, Greentop’s LED bulbs and LED panels are direct, screw-in replacements.

For a relatively small investment, existing outdoor lighting fixtures can be given a new lease on life, while ongoing savings are realized from reduced energy consumption and fixture maintenance.