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CCFL Cold Cathode Grow Light


CCFL Cold Cathode lamp grow lights help your plants maintain healthy growth and gives shorter grow life cycle. They are a great alternative from traditional grow lighting. CCFL grow lights are efficient and effective, meaning they use less energy and last longer (40,000 hrs life span). They emit very little heat so they will not burn. They are perfect for starting indoor growing environments and easily fit in standard household lamp fixture.

The advantage of using CCFL Grow lights can give exact wavelength peak value of Blue, Green, Red and Purple.

Spectrums range are as follows~

Blue ….. 465.6 nm

Green ….. 526.6 nm

Red ….. 611 nm



Spectrums range of Plant Physiology

280 ~ 315nm -> minimal impact on the morphological and physiological processes

315 ~ 400nm -> chlorophyll absorption, photoperiod to prevent stem elongation

400 ~ 520nm (blue) -> chlorophyll and carotenoids absorb the largest proportion of Photosynthesis

520 ~ 610nm (green) -> pigment absorption rate is not high

610 ~ 720nm (red) -> chlorophyll absorption is low, have a significant effect on photosynthesis and photoperiod

720 ~ 1000nm -> absorb low to stimulate the cells to extend the influence flowering and seed germination

1000nm -> converted into heat

It indicates that exposed plants should utilize 100% of the exact spectrums being emitted by the CCFL or LED grow light for photosynthesis.


CCFL Grow Light CCFL Grow Light CCFL Grow Light