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Greentop LED grow lights provide a balanced distribution spectrum of light promoting healthy plant growth. Our variety of LED grow lights provide plants with specific needs suitable for its various stages of growth. In addition to accelerated, vigorous plant growth, LED grow lights reduce energy costs by as much as 80% compared to HPS, Metal Halide and Fluorescent grow lights.

Not only are they great for growing plants but easy to save energy cost too.  Greentop LED grow lights aid in exuberant plant growth with positive results for various buds fruits and flowers.

The advantage of using LED Grow lights provide full spectrums Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, White, IR and UV depend on the plants types come with single or composite light spectrums to increase yields rate of every stages of growth.

Spectrums range are as follows~

Red … 620-660nm

Blue … 450-470nm

Orange … 610-615nm

Yellow … 585-595nm

UV … 380-420nm

IR … 710-950nm

Greentop Standard Spectrums ratio is Red 630nm … R:B:O:Y:W=5:2:1::1:1


Spectrums Range of Plant Physiology


280 ~ 315nm -> minimal impact on the morphological and physiological processes
315 ~ 400nm -> chlorophyll absorption, photoperiod to prevent stem elongation
400 ~ 520nm (blue) -> chlorophyll and carotenoids absorb the largest proportion of Photosynthesis
520 ~ 610nm (green) -> pigment absorption rate is not high
610 ~ 720nm (red) -> chlorophyll absorption is low, have a significant effect on photosynthesis and photoperiod
720 ~ 1000nm -> absorb low to stimulate the cells to extend the influence flowering and seed germination1000nm -> converted into heat

It indicates that exposed plants should utilize 100% of the exact spectrums being emitted by the CCFL or LED grow light for photosynthesis.


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